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Watercolors by Mary Bouzianis

"My art is greatly influenced by nature and the beauty of the small jewels it has to offer."

Artist's favorite quote:

"The world of reality has it's limits; the world of imagination is boundless."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


CallaLillyA.jpg (36296 bytes)

Biographical Sketch


           I am an award winning watercolor artist.  My imagination plays a key role in my art interpretation and in the composition of my paintings.  I especially enjoy working with botanicals, nature, insects and still life.  My painting style varies from realism to fantasy.  In addition to Bell Street Artrists, I am also a member of the South Bay Art Association of Bellport, NY and the Wet Paints Group of Sayville, NY.

MapleLeavesA.jpg (27397 bytes)

Calla Lily

Maple Branch

3BoscPearsA.jpg (38055 bytes)

JackInThePulpitA.jpg (40414 bytes)

Three Bosc Pears


Jack in the Pulpit

BlueGreenTileA.jpg (52322 bytes)

     E-mail address:  please contact Alex at:  Kassart048@aol.com  for more information.   

     Matted Giclee prints and cards are also available.


RockGardenA.jpg (55414 bytes)

Blue & Green Glass Tile

Rock Garden

DragonFlyA.jpg (55942 bytes)

UnderWaterA.jpg (48782 bytes)

TurtlePondA.jpg (71671 bytes)

Dragon Fly

Under Water

Turtle Pond

FigsA.jpg (37646 bytes)

SunflowerA.jpg (47324 bytes)

BachelorButtonA.jpg (31462 bytes)



Bachelor Button

FuschiaA.jpg (41088 bytes)

StinkBug.jpg (46188 bytes)

BeetleBugA.jpg (40406 bytes)


Stink Bug

Beatle Bug

TulipsA.jpg (45149 bytes)

BlueMothA.jpg (44324 bytes)

PearsOnTableA.jpg (43518 bytes)


Blue Moth

Pears on a Table

Frog2.jpg (67619 bytes)

dragonfly2.jpg (130029 bytes)

amaryllis2.jpg (103225 bytes)


Dragon Fly


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