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Celestial Gardien


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Joyful Peace


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Spirit of Our Mother


Peter J Montemurro

20 Robert Drive, Huntington, NY 11743



     Peter Montemurro took the usual art classes offered during his public school education and with a little help from the left brain oriented world around him determined that he had very little "artistic skill". But being the right brainer that he is, he found creative outlets by singing in his high school chorus and joining the Playerís Group, the schools drama club. He didnít discover his passion for art in general and sculpture in particular till later in life. He realizes now that it was always just below the surface, waiting for him to recognize it. It was stirred up here and there over the years as he raised his three very talented children. Then one year he was given a metal sculpture class for his birthday by Regina Russo, who declared, "You should try this, I think youíre a sculptor". He thinks she was right and is grateful for her insight.

     Peter believes that art in all its forms is one of the ways that human beings attempt to communicate their feelings and emotions to each other. He believes that artistic expression is a natural and uniquely human activity that everyone is capable of and that it has the power to bring people together, even people with extremely different backgrounds. He hopes that his creations reach across the space between us and communicate something that others can recognize and appreciate.


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Chi Rising

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Can You Tell I'm Human


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Labyrinth Under Construction

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Venus Del Mar I & II

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