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CroninYesterday.jpg (34364 bytes)

Yesterday, Mixed Media, 20" x30"

nancy ruth

 Pen & Ink, Acrylics, Mixed Media

Patchogue, NY; 631-207-2151




nancy ruth of Patchogue, has been with the Bell Street Artists since 1999. Besides being a multi-media artist, Nancy is also an interior designer and antique dealer. She has won various awards at fairs and art festivals. She also painted the domed ceiling and cameos in the Patchogue Theater. Nancy feels the Bell Street Artists bring diversity to the group through their willingness to try new styles and techniques.







CroninGrandEntrance.jpg (51691 bytes)

Grand Entrance, Pen & Ink, 11" x 14" Print

NR_Cityscape.jpg (63708 bytes)

N. R. Cafe, Pen & Ink 11" x 14" Print

NR_CircusLion.jpg (58074 bytes)

Circus Animal, Mixed Media Print

NR_Sailboat.jpg (39712 bytes)

Lyrical Reflection, Mixed Media

NR_GrDragon.jpg (39950 bytes)

The Knight, Acrylic, Embellished Print

NR_ForkRoad.jpg (28689 bytes)

Fork in the Road, Watercolor and  Pen & Ink Print

NR_Legs2.jpg (33623 bytes)

Legs, Pen & Ink Print

NR_CircusPiano.jpg (59569 bytes)

Circus Music, Mixed Media Print

NR_BrDragon2.jpg (31558 bytes)

The Nanny, Acrylic, Embellished Print


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